PopHealthCare and Florida Blue Partner to deliver In-home Health Care Services

Florida Blue, a health insurer in Florida, announced a partnership with PopHealthCare to deliver a suite of in-home patient care services to clinically fragile members in the state.

The demand for in-home health care services has never been greater. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, home health professionals are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations over the next decade. An aging baby boomer population, longer life expectancies, and the growing rate of chronic conditions are key factors contributing to the escalating demand for in-home care.

PopHealthCare’s in-home patient care is specifically designed to assist members who have had recent stays in hospitals, or who have complex chronic medical conditions. These high-touch, proactive programs—administered by doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners—help high-risk patients avoid hospital readmissions or unnecessary emergency room visits.

“As a mission-based organization dedicated to helping people and communities achieve better health, we embrace our responsibility to create effective health care solutions that help the most vulnerable of our members,” said Dr. Elana Schrader, chief medical officer for Florida Blue. “PopHealthCare has dedicated itself to providing unique solutions delivered by teams of highly trained medical professionals. By offering comprehensive services to a growing and important member segment, PopHealthCare will help us improve these members’ quality of life.”

PopHealthCare’s in-home care services available to Florida Blue members include:

  • CareSight, a program that brings personalized care into member homes to help manage ongoing health conditions;
  • CareSight Transition Program, a care support program provided to members for 30 days after a hospital stay; and
  • In-Home Assessment Program, a program that provides members an opportunity to have a health care professional come to their home to do personal health and home environment assessments.

“This partnership will allow us to deliver superior quality, integrated and coordinated care for highrisk members in Florida,” said Mike Tudeen, CEO at PopHealthCare. “Florida Blue recognizes the positive impacts of giving these individuals the opportunity to receive in-home care. In doing so we are increasing their access to care while providing clinically oriented interventions to manage members with chronic illness or who may have difficulty traveling to primary care facilities regularly.”

Designed to be delivered in collaboration with members’ primary care physicians, these voluntary programs provide extra support for patients and caregivers and do not replace a provider’s plan of treatment or any appointments members have scheduled with their providers.

Florida Blue and PopHealthCare began offering these programs in late 2017 and will be serving members enrolled with Florida Blue through Medicare Advantage, as well as through individual and group plans.