HNC Virtual Solutions and PopHealthCare Team up to Equip Healthcare Professionals with New Technology to Improve In-Home Care for Patients

HNC Virtual Solutions and PopHealthCare are proud to announce a strategic collaborative effort to offer health services to patients in their homes. The combination of HNC’s easy-to-use technology with PopHealthCare’s clinical workforce extends the availability and quality of healthcare to targeted patients. Equipped with HNC’s market-leading mobile telehealth solution, PopHealthCare’s community outreach workers can perform vitals tests during in-home visits, connect patients with their medical providers, and remotely evaluate patient health.

HNC’s technology bundle enables PopHealthCare to expand its clinical workforce of physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses to include community health workers. HNC’s kit includes an assortment of medical instruments for clinicians to collect patients’ vitals to share with their medical providers.

“Using telemedicine, case managers can now monitor real-time data from the field and make better informed, timelier determinations on those patients,” said Dr. Fawzi Shaya, founder and CEO of HNC Virtual Solutions. “HNC’s platform also enables PopHealthCare field staff to use these in-home visits to instantly connect the patient with their provider through HNC’s in-house video platform.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with a pre-eminent technology company that is committed to serving healthcare professionals and empowering patients to better manage their health,” said Mike Tudeen, CEO of PopHealthCare. “Working with HNC Virtual Solutions supports our providers and extends our reach into in the rural and low-density population areas that our health plan clients want to address.”

The program kicked off in Arizona and Florida and quickly expanded to Rhode Island and New York. The program has been able to provide similar care and meet patient needs while making better use of employee resources and is currently gearing up for further expansion in the coming year. Dr. Fawzi Shaya said, “HNC Virtual Solutions is thrilled to be part of this collaboration and is looking forward to serving PopHealthCare and its members.”

PopHealthCare is currently evaluating further expansions of this program and future opportunities with HNC Virtual Solutions.