Empathy and People Leadership Through COVID and Beyond

Chief People Officer Angela Briggs-Paige hosts a series of conversations with PopHealthCare leadership about creating a people-first culture in a mostly remote, widely distributed workforce. In this second installment, she talks with CommunityConnect Executive Director, Carrie Harnish, about the power of empathy in leadership.

The CommunityConnect team, located in south east Michigan, conducts social determinant of health surveys throughout the community. They are hired specifically from the neighborhoods they serve and face many of the same social health challenges as their members. “Colleagues are not just working from home. They’re at home, living through a crisis and trying to work. Our team got hit incredibly hard by COVID. We’ve really had to be gentle in understanding where folks are at because we all are facing a ton of challenges.”

The full conversation is below. Access the full series at or wherever you listen to podcasts.