Adaptability and People Leadership Through COVID and Beyond

Chief People Officer Angela Briggs-Paige hosts a series of conversations with PopHealthCare leadership about creating a people-first culture in a mostly remote, widely distributed workforce during a global pandemic. In this third installment, she talks with Vice President of ISNP, Darlene Flaig, about the value of adaptability and compassion.

The ISNP team, who work with patients long term facilities in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Illinois, were among the hardest hit by COVID. They had to find ways to connect with patients, their families, and one another while following stringent health and safety protocols. The ISNP management team could not be present to support, and they had to adapt to ensure that their providers had the support they needed. “It’s all about leading your team and building that foundation, to take care of their needs, their safety, so they can do their job. So we had to adjust our management style, but we really came together as a team.”

The full conversation is below. Access the full series at or wherever you listen to podcasts.