Shot of a cheerful elderly man seated in a wheelchair while being held by his loving wife outside at home during the day

“They’re always really grateful for our visits…. I feel like I’m a part of their family.”

F’tyna Dearring Care Solutions Nurse Practitioner

At PopHealthCare, we believe that healthcare should be personal. For us, that means bringing care to those who need it most, where they will be able to achieve their health goals best – at home.

Using cutting-edge analytics, we identify high-risk patients and partner with their health plans to keep them out of the hospital by providing a care team of compassionate, smart, deeply dedicated healthcare providers available 24/7.

This commitment and integrity expands to all facets of PopHealthCare’s business. We are the helpers our members need – a team of smart people dedicated to reimagining how healthcare is delivered.

We understand complex care requires creative and forward-thinking solutions, so we are constantly trying to expand and improve our ability to reach our members where they are.

With over 22 clients in 14 states, PopHealthCare offers a fully integrated approach to care delivery, risk adjustment, and quality enhancements, serving the highest risk populations with unwavering commitment and dedication.

We are proud to be part of the GuideWell family of companies, transforming the delivery of care through new innovative care models that provide superior health outcomes to patients.

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